Picture of DIAMANT BIJOU SKINCARE Founder, Diamond J. Tevyaw

Diamond J. Tevyaw 
The Founder and CEO of


A Black Woman Owned Rhode Island based small batch, luxury handmade skincare company for all skin types.

I’ve always seen an absence of all natural and organic skincare brands for all skin types in the industry. That soon became an issue for my family, as my daughters and I suffer from eczema and keratosis polaris on our bodies that include patchy breakouts and extreme dryness on our arms, legs and face.

Who wants or needs that? We sure don’t! 

It became very clear that finding the right products for our skin, that were not commercialized, mass-produced and/or chemically enhanced, especially during Quarantine, was going to be a challenge. And that it was.

But because I couldn’t find what I needed, I decided to apply my Esthetics Diploma and skincare knowledge to become the solution to my problem. So I took the downtime I had during COVID to create the very products that fuel my body and brand today!

I wanted to be the change I wanted to see in the skincare and beauty industry, so I did something about it.

I truly felt that this was my opportunity to utilize my education. My knowledge and experience with natural skincare and beauty, paired with my over a decade long retail experience, inspired me to create an authentic, all natural, pure skincare and beauty products formulated for my skin, skin like mine and modified for every other skin type in between.

It’s vital to me to teach others that skincare and beauty ingredients should never be hard to understand, starting with ingredients.

I always say, and live by this:

“ The first 5 ingredients in a product have the highest concentration percentage in the product. And If you can’t identify the first 5 ingredients of your products, then you shouldn’t use them. You have no idea what you’re putting on your skin and I guarantee the side effects in the long run won’t be worth the risk today. “ 

In every product, I use all natural, pure and organic ingredients. That AUTHENTIC ISH!

I believe we, as humans, benefit from the ultimate and overall health of our skin. Being the largest organ on our body, it’s health and appearance means more to us than we realize, and once we have acne, severely dry skin, sensitive skin or combination skin WE NEED truly all natural, organic, chemical free, toxin free, cruelty free, botanical, vitamin and nutrient rich ingredients to help cleanse, nourish, moisturize, rejuvenate, revive and reveal our natural beauty in it’s truest, brightest, and healthiest form.

So, by sharing my vision with anyone and everyone willing to listen, I hope to encourage you to learn and understand, self-love is the best love, and that your skin can only be as healthy as you allow it to be.

Remember the saying “ you are what you eat “, that exact message applies to your skincare routine and the products you use.

I got this, and I definitely got you.

xoxo - Diamond J.